The UEB: Setting the quality as the core value

Deputy PM Nguyen Thien Nhan attends a class at UEB
Tertiary education not only helps learners have the knowledge and skills (including professional skills and life skills) to enjoy a good job opportunity but also help them to become good citizens with high sense of responsibility to family, community and society, there by increasing people’s life standard.

Therefore, quality assurance is the most important factor, in other words “vital significance”, in tertiary education as well as the development of innovative and sustainable socio-economy. Reaching hight quality in advanced training and scientific research is important goal, which is put in special priority at VNU University of Economics and Business.

Determining the value
As being aware of the important role of quality to tertiary education, as soon as its establishment, the UEB has been considering quality as one of the core values ​​of the university (in addition to other values ​​such as: encouraging creativity, nurturing passion and respect the difference, promoting cooperation; ensuring the harmony and sustainable development), which is the orientation through the development strategy upto 2030 as well as in the 5 year period (2011 to 2015) and annual plan of the university.
In training, the UEB focused on high-quality, international standard and international joint training programs at all degrees. The training programs were renovated in accordance with outcome based assurance and towards international accreditation. Teaching methods are renovated under the combination of theory and practice, setting the learner as the core and apply credit training.
In research, bearing in mind that research aims at improving the training quality, the university focuses on the key programs of which the outcome is identified by quality. We have research teams comprising researchers of centers and faculties of the university, who work in domestic and international research networks...
In terms of management, with the concept that a university is a semi-public and non-profit organization operating in the market mechanism, the UEB has adopted the management measures in semi-public and non-profit business management. The mechanism of management and administration of the university has always been renovated by the decentralization which is complied with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. The university has issued the document of administration regulations and working procedures in all fields as well as the outcome based standards in all sections, which are considered as a basis for assessing the working efficiency and quality UEB’s units. The quality assurance at UEB is aslo implemented and continuously improved to create “quality culture” at the university.
Constantly renovating the training and research
To improve the quality of training and scientific research, gradually approaching the world-class advanced programs, the University of Economics and Business has attracted talents in the country and abroad to work and collaborate with the university; built assessment regulations for officials and faculty members, as the basis for adequate training and treatment policy.
In particular, the quality which is placed at the primary and guiding position plays as one of the most important roles in all activities of the UEB. The assured quality has contributed to the reputation recognization of the university, which has been known as a prestigious training institute of economics, management and business in Vietnam, a dynamic university having a strategic vision and direction towards international standard.
Regarding regular training programs, from academic year 2008 - 2009, the quality of admitted students into the UEB is as high as other top Vietnam economics universities’. The rate of graduates from the UEB at good rank is counted up to 70% annually. Particularly, in the academic year 2008 - 2009, there are 85% of UEB students completed and defended their graduation thesis in English. Recent statistic has shown that most of UEB students can find a suitable job right after graduation, especially students of Business Administration (98%), Finance - Banking (95%), International Economics - honor training program (95%). In international joint training programs, the university has been assigned by the Central Organization Committee to implement the Master Program in Public Management to train officials of local authorities (within the framework of Project 165). This is the joint training program between the VNU University of Economics and Business and the Uppsala University (Sweden) - one of 100 world’s top universities.
In the field of research, the UEB staff have hosted and successfully defended three state level research projects which are wide applied and contributed to consulting the socio-economic development in Vietnam. The number of papers published in prestigious international journals also increased. As assigned by the Central Theoretical Council, the Vietnam Annual Economic Report - a research product of the university has published in 2 languages (Vietnamese and English) and offered advices to policy makers. The university has also organized many conferences which attracted the attention of numerous policy-making bodies of the government, institutions, ministries and major corporations, associations. In addition, students’ research at the UEB is strengthened, bringing appreciable results. Since 2007, the UEB students have constantly won high prizes of students’ research at VNU and MOET level, including one first prize, one second prize, ong third prize and four consolation prizes. Moreover, one of UEB students, Nguyen Dinh Minh Anh, has been conferred the Medal for Youth Creativity by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth and was sent to further training abroad.
To promote international cooperation in the field of research, the University of Economics and Business has connected with international and regional research networks (Thailand Research Fund, JICA - Japan, Greater Mekong Sub-region Research Program...). These activities are contributing to improving the staff capacity as well as creating a positive effectiveness in research throughout the university.
We cannot deny the positive benefit and impact of a high-quality training; however to have advanced training programs is not an easy and task, and it takes time. Nonetheless, we can be self-confident in the achievements in training and research of the UEB, which demonstrate a right direction and promising prospect. This is one of eight important lessons (of outcome based quality) drawn from the last period, apart from other lessons of unity, collaboration, implementing guidance, human resource, cooperation, external resource and lesson of spreading effectiveness.

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