Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son: UEB appreciates the quality assurance

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son talks at the press conference on 7th April 2011
It is the affirmation by Rector of the University of Economics and Business - VNU at the Press conference announcing the quality assurance result of the university on Honor bachelor training program in International Economics under AUN-QA, 7th April 2011.

For your information about the direction of the University of Economics and Business - VNU in training activities, we would like to post the full text of speech by Dr. Nguyen Hong Son at the conference:
Distinguished guests,

On behalf of Management Board of University of Economics and Business - VNU, I would like to warmly welcome all of you to the press conference today.

As soon as being upgraded to the University of Economics and Business under Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2007, the university has always considered quality as one of the core values (beside the values ​​of passion, creativeness, professionalism, cooperation, differences respecting, harmony and sustainable development), a link throughout the university’s development strategy upto 2020 and vision to 2030, 5-year development plan for 2011-2015 period and mission for annual academic year.

Tertiary education not only helps learners get the knowledge and skills (including technical and life skills) to work and enjoy higher income levels but also help them become good citizens, accordingly to increase the life quality of all people. Therefore, quality is the most important factor and can be considered as the “vital” meaning for higher education as well as the development of innovative and sustainable economy and society.

Tertiary education is one in the service sector with intangible characteristics; the production processes and the consumption occur simultaneously, not being hoarded. Consumers do not know the quality of training services before experiencing it. Additionally, consumers will not determine the quality of service if they do not know about quality standards. Therefore, higher education quality, especially quality assurance according to international standards will enable learners to identify and distinguish the quality of training services.

Quality assurance of the training in international standards also helps the institutions aware their actual situation in order to offer the quality improvements and development of culture of quality at the university.

As motivated by the above reasons, the University of Economics and Business - VNU very much appreciates the importance of quality assurance activities, especially quality assurance under international standards, considered as one of the central objectives that the university need to achieve following the development strategy to 2020.

The breakthrough in this activity is the recent quality assurance of Honor bachelor training program in International Economics on quality control of the ASEA University Network (AUN-QA). The UEB has gained 4.69 points out of 7. The point 4 is the pass level of international quality standards of AUN and 7 is the perfect point that there has never been a regional university can be achieved. With this level, the Bachelor honor training program in International Economics is one of the two undergraduate majors has the highest score among the five programs audited in Vietnam.

The result has confirmed the development orientation of the university which set the priority on training quality. It also created positive influence on other programs as well as contribute to quality development at the university.

On behalf of the UEB Management Board, I would like to announce the quality assurance outcome and express my gratitude to delegates and reporters attended the press conference today.

Thank you very much!

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son Rector of UEB

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