Graduate early and get a job - interview with UEBer

Toan with his friends at the UEB
Graduate from university with good degree is the goal of most students, but completion the course within three years of study with 8.0 IELTS certainly requires a great deal of effort. That’s what student Dinh Duy Toan class QH-2014-E Business Administration did.

Pay attention to the general subjects
Right from the first year of university, Toan knew that he should try to learn and understand the general subjects. He thought any subject that has already been placed in the curriculum is very important. "Students rarely focus on general subjects, but I think they are the foundation for research and development of specialized subjects" said Toan.
The field business administration asks the students to constantly improve their ability and skills to quickly adapt to the dynamic environment. There was also a time when Toan neglected study and his academic achievement got down, then he realized that trying right from the beginning is the key to success. 

Master the specialized subjects
In the second year, Toan is taught specialized subjects in English. Knowing that these are directly related to the future career, so Toan tried his best in study. Besides, he also looked for part-time jobs to earn practical experiences. Working with Uber in these years helped Toan improve his skills in communication and management. Besides, Toan also took part in translation to practice his language skills.

Thanks to good English skill and professional expertise, Toan applied for a position in FPT before receiving the university degree. 

Practice English and soft skills

During his studies at VNU-UEB, Toan has participated in many extracurricular activities and exchanges of students as well as making friends in VNU. His dream is to pursue the master in business administration and become a successful entrepreneur in the future. He plans to return to the UEB for his further study.
"Three years spending at VNU University of Economics and Business are valuable to me. I am grateful for the enthusiastic and inspiring lecturers and I had wonderful friends, who walked with me in my best time of life. I am proud to be a student of VNU University of Economics and Business, with what I had learnt here, I am confident to start my own journey.”

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