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Students of class QH-2009-E KTDN CLC took a shot with Japanese students in exchange program in Waseda University in 2012
“CLC” has long become established trademark of the VNU-UEB, which envisions the “High Quality” training programs for excellent students with competent English and the will to strive academically. Currently, Faculty of Finance and Banking and Faculty of International Economics and Business of the UEB are conducting these programs.

Wonderful experiences with international exchange programs

The High Quality training programs of the Faculty of International Business and Economics (FIBE) established the first program in 2004. The program applied the CDIO standard in building of the curricular, which is the first priority in strategy of the VNU and the UEB. Till now, after 11 years, high quality training program of FIBE has gained significant achievements, such as: being the first training program of the UEB to receive AUN (Asian University Network) certificate; many students of FIBE graduated as the valedictorian and gained various awards from Vietnam National University/Ministry of Education and Training in research; many students have promoted the “CLCer” image through international exchange programs etc. These achievements has proved the outstanding development of the High quality training programs of the FIBE and the UEB.

The shining of CLCers, from the first generation such as Vu Le Minh (class QH-2005-E KTDN CLC) - Master at FairField University, Connecticut State, USA; Nguyen Dinh Minh Anh (class QH-2006-E KTDN CLC) has inspired many students with their talent and research passion. Nguyen Dinh Minh Anh is CLC student, attending many exchange programs in Japan, Thailand and the US etc., winning the January Star Award, 1st prize of student research and golden prize of student economics and policy research, representative young student of the UEB and especially, Minh Anh honored to receive scholarship to study in the US.

Nguyen Dinh Minh Anh during his study time in the US

The fresh graduate of the high quality training program of FIBE are also on the way to prove their talent, mentioning Cao Tu Oanh (class QH-2010-E KTDN CLC), who has recently received master scholarship in social enterprises in Northampton University, the UK or Hoang Huyen Ngoc, valedictorian of the UEB session 2010-2014 with GPA of 3,78/4,0.

Also graduated from QH-2010-E KTDN CLC, Nguyen Ha Phuong is pursuing her passion in research. She proudly told about her student life with various exchange trips: “Studying at CLC was amazingly wonderful time of my life. I have chance to join various programs such as Global Partnership of Asia Colleges 2012 (GPAC) in Seoul, Korea; Asian Student Environmental Platform (ASEP) in Beijing, China or International Student Forum in Thailand. I sincerely thanked the University and its faculties for their dedication to us, giving me chance to gain valuable experiences during these activities.”

Nguyen Ha Phuong (top row, 3rd from right) at GPAC 2012 Seoul - Korea

Following the shining tradition of FIBE, CLC current students have gained remarkable achievement, contributing to the image of CLC students, mentioning Dam Thi Thao - Secretary of the Youth Union with remarkable academic achievement, class president Hoan Tuan Anh, who attended various international exchange program: Asean 3+ Educational Forum and Asian Pacific Leaders Summit in Indonesia, Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative in the US etc.

Not to mention many other CLC students: Bui Thi Huyen, representative of Vietnam National University attending the Asian Environmental Forum in China and also bright candidate for the scholarship Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, which award its recipients 1 semester studying in the US; class president Dinh Xuan Chung, who won various scholarships and attended many international exchange programs such as Jenesys 2.0 in Japan, the Arts Festival in Malaysia, GPAC 2014 and GMS - Asean Student Network 2014; Nham Khanh Linh, 1st prize of Vietnam Talent Scholarship valued 60 million VND and recipient of the Young Southeast Asia Leader Initiative with 5 weeks studying at Montana State, Louisian and the capital Washington DC, USA.

Nuturing research passion

The High quality training program of the Faculty of Finance and Banking was established later. However, its students have gained significant achievements, especially in research. 2 years ago, Phung Duc Quyen (Class QH-2009-E TCNH CLC) became the pride of the UEB’s students when winning the 1st prize of “Vietnam Talented Young Scientist Award” held by The Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Science and Technology with the research “Stability checking of large commercial banks in Vietnam”. His research also won the 1st prize in the UEB’s Conference of Student Scientific Research  and the VNU’s Excellent Student Scientific Research. Quyen said: “I intended to conduct this research since the beginning of the 3rd year. However, due to some difficulties, both subjectively and objectively, until my 4th year, when I felt the raise in my knowledge together with other favorable conditions, I determined to conduct the research.”


Phung Duc Quyen was awarded the 1st prize of “Vietnam Talented Young Scientist Award” by the Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan and the Minister of Education and Training Pham Vu Luan

Following the tradition, Tran Quang Thang (class QH-2012-E TCNH CLC) has gained remarkable achievements in research such as: 2nd prize of “Talented Young Scientist Award” 2014; 1st prize of Student Scientific Research of the UEB, 1st presentation prize in Asian Student Forum in 2014. Sharing opinions about the High Quality training program of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, Thang said: “High Quality training program brought many great chances for students. CLC students are not only benefited from the curriculum with many subjects taught in English and focusing more on extra-curricular activities but also given chance to participate in international exchange programs and receive various types of scholarship. In general, CLC is really a dynamic, positive and encouraging environment for students.”

Tran Quang Thang at an event of the Research Community for Economics Students (RCES)

There are also many excellent students of CLC to mention such as Ly Thu Thao (class QH-2011-E TCHN CLC) - winner of various awards in research and at the Asian Student Forum, Nguyen Thanh Dat (class QH-2013-E TCNH CLC) - head of the CLC Finance and Banking Club.

In conclusion, CLC students of the UEB, either current or ex-students are all striving with tireless efforts. With confidence, dynamism and creativity, CLC students are contributing to the image of the UEB’s students in general and CLC training program in particular. Hopefully, the efforts of previous generations will inspire the next generations, contributing to the development of the UEB.

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