Promoting cooperation with Party Central Committee’s Economics Commission

Dr. Hoang Xuan Hoa - Acting General Director of Economic Department - PCCEC
Dr. Hoang Xuan Hoa - Acting General Director of Economic Department, after more than one year in cooperation with VNU University of Economics and Business (VNU-UEB) (starting from May 2013), has realized that this is an impressive cultural community and harmonious academic environment. Talk with him to understand more about the cooperation, as well as assessment of Party Central Committee's Economic Commission (PCCEC) about the UEB!

Strategic cooperation

Dear Sir, why did the PCCEC choose the UEB as its strategic partner?

I think that choosing the UEB as our strategic partner in recent years has derived from the two parties’ roles, functions and missions.

The PCCEC was re-established, performing the role of an advisory body in the Central Committee’s major socio-economic policies. The PCCEC functions to conduct research activity, evaluate, propose, and supervise the development of guidelines, party resolutions, directions, and decisions on the socio-economic field of Central Committee, Political Bureau and Secretariat of Central Committee Communist Party of Vietnam. Therefore, leaders of the PCCEC pay much attention to the knowledge, strength, and mobilization of experts, scientists, universities, and large research centers in every field nationwide.

In the economic sector, we believe that, being an active member of VNU, together with 40 traditional years of development and growth, the UEB is a prestigious training institution for graduates and undergraduates, as well as a unit for high quality scientific research and knowledge transfer of economics which meets international standards. Hence, we believe in choosing the UEB as our strategic partner, and the facts show that the UEB is one of the units that most successfully cooperated with the PCCEC in researching and proposing important national issues.

Which cooperative activities have the PCCEC and UEB implemented recently?

Based on the coordination regulation between the PCCEC and VNU signed in May 2013, member units under the PCCEC and UEB have developed programs and implemented cooperation plans. Accordingly, the two sides also had effective and active roles in building projects and guidelines. Specifically, Department of General Economy - the pioneer unit of the PCCEC has coordinated with UEB’s experts in order to contribute contents under the action plan. In particular, some typical projects include: “Summarizing 30 years of innovation and development of socialist-oriented market economy”, “Preliminary review on 5 years of Central Resolution 6, course X on fulfillment of socialist-oriented market economy institutions”, “Development process of socio-economic scenario in the period of 2016 - 2020”, “Salary policy mechanism for government officers as well as employees in the field of training and education”,… These are important factors for the upcoming draft of Congress Party Document XII.

Necessities to promote advantages in UEB’s scientific research activities

Dear Sir, as far as you evaluate, which benefits have the cooperation activities brought to both the PCCEC and UEB?
To be one of PCCEC’s cooperation partners, the UEB is very dynamic in selecting, analyzing and summarizing ideas for the guidelines of the country which helps the PCCEC fulfill its missions in consulting, making appropriate and feasible proposals for socio-economic development, and meeting the requirements, as well as the expectations of the Party, people and whole society.
For the UEB, this cooperation helps not only to enhance the unit prestige and capacities of staff and lecturers throughout university activities, but also contribute to the socio-economic development and stabilization of the country.
Have the results of the cooperation activities met the expectations of the PCCEC? How about your evaluations of such results?
We believe that results from cooperation between the two parties have partially met the expectation of the PCCEC. As we know, all missions and projects, which the PCCEC has built, are for long-term strategies in socio-economic development, with emphasis and profound impact on the system. Many projects that the PCCEC has recently proposed to Political Bureau and Secretariat of the Central Committee Communist Party of Vietnam have been highly appreciated in terms of significance and feasibility. This result is due to great efforts of PCCEC’s staff and employees together with the contributions and effective coordination of scientists, experts from the UEB, and other partners.
Thanks to this effective collaboration, in July 2014, the head of the PCCEC awarded a certificate of merit to the UEB. This is not only a recognition of the PCCEC but also a great motivation to the staff and lecturers of the UEB.

What do you expect from the UEB to get better results in this collaboration?
I believe the UEB needs to better promote the roles and advantages of some important dimensions of research activities such as: Researching, evaluating macroeconomics; building a database for topics, projects, and scientific research; and providing accurate results of quantitative economic researches. The PCCEC will refer to these results and evaluation in order to recommend the central strategic decisions on socio-economic development in each period.

UEB - An impressive cultural community

How about your evaluation on the UEB after the cooperation?

I realize that the UEB is not only famous for its brand but also a very reliable partner. During the cooperation, I highly appreciated the work quality and enthusiastic working spirit of the whole staff of the university. Everyone here is very professional and disciplined.
What makes you most impressed?

The UEB is an impressive cultural and harmonious academic community where lecturers, scientists and students learn and work together with an open and friendly spirit. These are important factors for people to learn from each other, and promote their capabilities, contributing to the country’s science.

Will the PCCEC expand cooperation with the UEB in the upcoming time? If yes, what will it be specifically?

In the upcoming time, we will closely follow the coordination regulations of the two sides to perform all functions, and missions under the approved plan. Annually, we will organize a preliminary summing-up meeting of this coordination, thereby giving opinions, and learning by experiences from ongoing issues. Basing on reviewing, and supervising the existing operations, we will develop a cooperation plan for the following years. These works will be regularly reported to the head of the PCCEC and President of VNU. Thus, we will always enhance the collaboration with the UEB in each specific project, especially macroeconomics, statistical forecasts, fiscal and monetary policies, international economic integration…
Regarding the immediate plan, in order to actively perform political duties of the PCCEC, we continue promoting the cooperation results, experiences with the UEB in recent years, and follow the scheduled work plan of Central Committee, Political Bureau and Secretariat of Central Committee Communist Party of Vietnam. In particular, we will concentrate highly on preparing the contents related to socio-economic development for the draft of Documents of the 12th Party Congress; actively collaborate with Congress Party, Junior Staff Committee of the government, Party offices of Central, Provincial Committees and cities to implement the conclusion of Political Bureau on the Resolution 6 of Party Central Committee X, on completing socialist-oriented market economy, monitoring policies to restructure the economy in association with growth model innovation…
We always hope that the UEB and other research units will be willing to cooperate with the PCCEC in the upcoming time, sharing both its’ research results and data for the political tasks.
Thank you so much! Wish you health and success, and wish the cooperation between the PCCEC and UEB best results.

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