Solutions for improving training capacities of universities

Improving practical training quality for students
The Global Partnership of Asian Colleges 2014 (GPAC) started on August 26th, 2014 in Hanoi. This is an opportunity for students to discuss about Asian economy, the world economy and understand more about common global issues.

On this occasion, journalist of Times and Education Newspaper had discussed with Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Vice Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business, Deputy chief of GPAC 2014 Organization Board about some issues regarding this important event.

- How can you evaluate the benefits for Vietnamese students in particular and Asian students in general when participating in GPAC?

- Participants in this forum were students from Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel, of which Vietnam is a developing country. Therefore, information and issues which Vietnam has been facing recently will be shared and discussed at GPAC to find out solutions.
Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Vice Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business.
Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Vice Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business.
That issue will be solved by not only leading professors but also the students' enthusiasm, with breakthrough innovations in various fields, especially the topic of sustainable development, economic development and issues related to environment, finance-banking and business administration.
Besides, the forum is also an occasion for students from different countries to connect and exchange culture, knowledge and specialized skills. From discussions in the forum, students can understand the economies of participating countries; furthermore, Asian and global economies.
Another benefit which GPAC brings to participants is that students can exchange knowledge, academic issues among professors and lecturers of prestigious and major universities in Asian region.

- As scheduled, in 2015, ASEAN Economic Community will be established and labours of the community countries will have rights to move freely. This urges that Vietnam’s universities have to enhance the training quality to meet the requests. So, what benefits do you think this forum will bring to universities in boosting the training and education quality?

- In fact, this forum will contribute to lifting the training quality associated with practical activities which will bring many benefits to Vietnamese students, especially confidence.
Secondly, the students’ presentations will be reviewed by leading professors, helping students acquire practical knowledge which is important for training process.
In other words, when the students graduate, they will be fully active in analyzing issues regarding knowledge; for instance, some factors related to economics and society. On the other hand, the students also practise with critical skills, skills for implementing specialized tasks.
"As for Vietnam National University, Hanoi as well as other universities, our target is to train the students who can meet the society’s demands, which is to fulfil the working requirements of domestic and international enterprises, agencies, divisions and organizations.
We usually say that “We are solving a reserve problem, that is, the output of society is our input target in bringing knowledge to students”
Dr. Nguyen Truc Le
Those issues are specially paid attention by the VNU University of Economics and Business in particular and other universities of Vietnam in general.

- How can you evaluate the training capacities of Vietnam’s universities in general and member universities of Vietnam National University, Hanoi in particular compared with universities in Asian region and ASEAN currently?

- I think Vietnam has been developing a quite good and comprehensive foundation. However, importantly, the training products have to meet the society’s demands, to this issue, saying frankly that we have still been in the transition process.
Compared with ASEAN countries, Vietnam has a very good training foundation, some how outperforms several countries. However, the foundation must be based on reality; ASEAN countries seem to transit more promptly than us. 
As in the speeches, presentations of students in this forum, there exists difference among students in both Vietnam and other countries.

- Thank you very much!

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Nguyen Kha (Translated)

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