Meeting with 2014 valedictorian of VNU-UEB

Nguyen Thanh Trung (2nd from the left) with his family
With total grade of three subjects in the entrance exam is 27 (Mathematics: 9, Physics: 8, English: 9.75), Nguyen Thanh Trung became the valedictorian of entrance examination of VNU University of Economics and Business in 2014.

As being informed that Trung is the valedictorian of VNU-UEB, several people jested that his family is the family of UEB as his father and elder sister both are alumni of the university. Telling about the interesting fact, Trung said: "My dad is alumni of the 1st course of Faculty of Political Economy (University of Hanoi) - the forerunner of UEB; my sister is also student of QH-2010-E International Economics (high quality program). UEB is a place where my father and sister both have had so many great memories in student life time".
Trung was told that UEB has many exciting activities, scientific workshops, voluntary activities, about the lecturers or simply some fun stories when being students. Thereby, the UEB seemed to be absolutely different from what Trung had experienced in high school, and there will be many interesting things to explore.
However, Trung said that his choice of UEB was not entirely impacted by his family. Earlier,

Personal information:

- Full name: Nguyen Thanh Trung

- Hometown: Ha Tinh; Current residence: Ha Noi

- Alumni of Hanoi Amsterdam High School, won numerous scholarships and awards in different fields such as studying, computer sciences, football, etc. at high school and district level.

he was also in two minds between two institutions: UEB and Foreign Trade University. After finding some information himself, he determined to choose UEB with a learning environment quite suitable to his personalities. “Studying in UEB brings me chances to access the courses delivered in English by the qualified and enthusiastic lecturers; additionally, there are a lot of extra-curricular programs, student exchange programs with foreign institutions, I will not only have a thorough grasp of economics but also have chance to experience a dynamic environment. My family supported and encouraged me a lot during the revision period for the entrance exam.”

Register into the Faculty of International Business and Economics without knowing much about the faculty, he thought that he could gain a lot of knowledge and practical experience in such a high competitive environment. He also decided to sit on the examination for high quality program class as it is one of objectives for him to enter the university.
Sharing about the time of studying and reviewing for exam, he said besides the in-class lessons, he only spent about 2-3 hours studying at home; only when there were many exercises, he stayed up late.
Even though studying and reviewing period was quite tiring and stress, he still spent time on his favorite recreational activities such as playing soccer, video games or watching movies with friends.
He said that it is not necessary to learn too much, and we had better study with a comfortable mind to be able to absorb knowledge the most effectively. In addition, learning should be accompany with the creativity, besides the background knowledge we need to explore the innovative ideas for each exercise; especially to understand the essence, not just rote learning.
Trung said in the sprint stage of the last several months, he usually came to his friends’ house and worked in groups. This is extremely useful and effective because friends can help check and consolidate knowledge for each other, creating an atmosphere of contention and time limit as in the exam room. He shared, "Learning from friends and sharing solutions as well as the tips to solve quickly, especially to deal with the Multiple Choice Test, the speed factor is very important". He also thought the candidate should keep calm and be in strict manner, not give up without trying our best. 
Commenting on her younger brother, Ha Phuong - Trung’s sister said: “He always find out how to learn quickly so time to learn at home is not much but really focused. Knowing that he became the university’s valedictorian's, my family was happy and also quite surprised. We advise he to study carefully and enthusiastically participate in university’s activities, the valedictorian title is just the current success and he should strive for the stages ahead".
Being interested in extracurricular activities, he is also looking for some student’s clubs. Currently, he is interested in Youth Economic Club - YEC because this is one traditional club of UEB with exciting research activities.
Trung says he is very excited about the admission day to meet the lecturers and friends in a new environment and hope to discover surprises that he hasnot known about this new university.

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