University of Economics and Business - VNU in cooperation with Rikkyo University (Japan)

In the pursuance of better motivating cooperative program, on 1st August 2008, leadership and teachers of the University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University - Hanoi (UEB) had a meeting and discussion to Prof. Noriyoshi Shiraishi - Dean of College of Business, Rikkyo University (Japan) and visit’s participants.

Rikkyo University is a prestigious university in Japan with a longstanding history of 104 years. Currently, there are 10 colleges under Rikkyo University, among which College of Business is the most prestigious and close to the development process and fame of Rikkyo University. Rikkyo University has cooperated with more than 60 university worldwide in various fields. The stimulation of cooperative relations will provide new development chances for the both two sides to improve their status and training quality. The cooperation between the UEB with such prestigious university marked a new development step of the UEB towards international standard.

Main contents of the discussion:

1.      Detailed introduction about two universities.

2.      Cooperation issues.

Representatives of the both two sides had an exciting discussion in some topics: exchange programs for lecturers, researchers, students, post-graduate students, research topics, documents, information… The both two sides had deeply studied contents and conditions of these exchange program to gain best appropriateness and efficiency.

The meeting was ended friendly and happily. Prof. Noriyoshi Shiraishi emphasized that he would try to stimulate the cooperation between two colleges in education and training. On behalf of the UEB’s leadership, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Viet - Head of International Cooperation and Development Department expressed sincere thanks and wished members of College of Business, Rikkyo University good health.

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