UEB signed cooperation agreement with Post -Telecommunication Institute of Technology

On 29th January 2008 University of Economics and Business (UEB), Vietnam National University Hanoi has signed MOU with Post - Telecommunication Institute of Technology (PTIT).

Due to the MOU, UEB and PTIT agreed to establish a complete cooperation in all academic fields which are applicable to the authorizations, missions and needs of each party.

The implementation will be based upon specific periods. During the first period, the two parties will focus on establishing and practicing a “template” model of cooperation in training and scientific research between the two institutions. This model of cooperation need to meet with the international requirement for quality, support for education and training activities, human resource development and advanced high quality research of the two parties in particular, and of the nation in general.

Both sides also agreed to share experience in higher education management, enlarge other cooperation activities based on the demands of each party.

University of Economics and Business and Post - Telecommunication Institute of Technology have the same strengths which are relationships with many local and foreign partners. This MOU will bring up the new opportunities for the colleges to enhance the quality of training and scientific research.


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