Welcome newly admitted students of cohort 65 to the UEB

On October 12th, the UEB organized an event to congratulated and welcomed freshmen to the University at Nguyen Van Dao hall, Vietnam National University. This was the final step to complete their admission process.

From 7 A.M, there were a bunch of freshmen and their parents stayed waiting for the admission process.
At the event, the freshmen received the guidance from staff, teachers, and volunteer students to complete the process. The necessary documents were fully prepared by new students. Furthermore, they were assisted to open a bank account and confirmed their stay at the dormitory.
New students line up for admission procedures 
Volunteers guide new students through the admission process 
BIDV's staff are ready to support new students 
A parent from Nghe An said “We left home at 2 A.M to depart for the university. Thanks to the University’s specific instructions, we complete the procedure quickly. To be honest, I feel content that things got organized and the students were taken care of. Hopefully, choosing such a prestigious university enables my child to succeed in his future career.”
Nguyen Xuan Huy, a freshman of Faculty of Economics and International Business said: “Becoming a fresher at the UEB amazes me so much, especially I was admitted to the Faculty of International Business – my most desired major. I am a big fan of football and the first thing I will do in my first-day of university is to join the football club so that I stand a chance of befriending with other clubs, especially taking part in the tournament at Kunming University of Science and Technology, China”. 
Admission for new students of International Economics and Business Administration  
 Students are excited to wait for their turn to complete the admission procedures 
Father and daughter from Nghe An after the enrollment completion 
The first-day enrollment successfully took place with the support of Bighugs Volunteering Club
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