UEB’s valedictorian 2020 - Success comes from various factors

Nguyen Thao Linh - Dean of the University of Economics - VNU at the Commendation Ceremony
On 7th September, 2020 the Hanoi Party Committee - People's Council - People's Committee held the Ceremony to commend the Valedictorian of universities and institutes in Hanoi 2020. Nguyen Thao Linh - The valedictorian of VNU University of Economics and Business was one of 88 graduates at the ceremony.

This is an annual ceremony of Hanoi to contribute to the cause of education, training as well as fostering the young generation. This is also the recognition and praise for hard work and effort of the students.
The commendation ceremony for valedictorians of universities and students in Hanoi has been held for 18 consecutive years
The valedictorian of the UEB is student Nguyen Thao Linh, who graduated in Accounting with GPA of 3.64/4. During her study at the UEB, Thao Linh won many valuable scholarships from Lotte, Mitsubishi, Vingroup and encouragement scholarships from the University. She completed the program in just 3 years and a half, which gives her chance to take up different job positions. Currently, Thao Linh is working as an accountant for a Korean company and planning to study abroad in the future.
In the second time being recognized as valedictorian (the first time at the school during the graduation ceremony), Thao Linh said: I was extremely touched and proud when hearing my name and the name of my university spoken, I found my efforts and hard work being recognized. I always proud of being an UEBer!
The valedictorians at the commendation ceremony
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