Thriive Hanoi to supply equipment for “Non-verbal” Barbershop

Thanh Nguyen Hair Salon is a small business established in 2011 run by a young deaf young man - Mr. Nguyen Thai Thanh.

Starting the business, Thanh Nguyen Hair Salon was only ten square meters with most of its employees were deaf. The communication between business owner and employees, between barber staffs and customers was entirely in sign language with supportive tools like pens and paper sheets, this is where the name "non-verbal barbershop" came from.

In 2014, Mr. Thanh knew about Hanoi Thriive Program and became a member of Thriive after 3 rounds of selection that year. After that, Thanh Nguyen followed the program in its payback programs since 2016.

Meeting between Thriive Hanoi and Thanh Nguyen Hair Salon


 Mr. Thanh and Mr. Tinh, a trainee received the free vocational training course

When the Thriive 2020 Program started amid the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, Thriive USA and Thriive Hanoi chose to support Thriive businesses which previously received the funding. The support will help businesses to recover and develop after the pandemic while ensuring Thriive's principle: vocational training for the vulnerable and supporting community development. The total amount of money that Thanh Nguyen received from Thriive was 5000 USD, including equipment and machines to improve the quality of hair services and salary for marketing so that Thanh Nguyen can promote their brand name to potential customers. 

PhD. Pham Vu Thang representing Thriive Hanoi in the meeting with Thanh Nguyen Hair Salon

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