UEB and Thriive join hands for community

Offering gifts at Huy Hang social enterprise
It’s the impressive number of 172 individuals of 13 organizations having received support from the campaign “Spread Love and Kindness during covid-19 pandemic” held by Thriive Hanoi together with social enterprises. This program is to give the disadvantaged community a helping hand to overcome the hard time of global pandemic.

During more than 10 years of operation in Vietnam, Thriive program has provided machines and equipment for more than 150 social enterprises, most of which have grown to a larger size including many branded businesses such as TOP - A distribution limited liability company and Brand of Kissy Masks, Viba banana household.

With the spirit of solidarity, Thriive businesses still keep in touch with the Program Coordination Committee of the UEB over the years and are ready to participate in social activities to help other social businesses.


Gift giving program at National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

When hearing that Thriive program will support 5,000 USD (116 million VND) to help individuals and organizations in need during the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the Thriive are ready to join hands by contributing more than  28 million VND and many other necessities including 1,500 masks, 500 kg of rice; 500 kg of vegetables, 10,000 bananas etc. as well as many educational products and story books for children. Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai - owner of Rau Vinh Ha, Phu Xuyen, Thriive Enterprise 2018 contacted the Coordination Committee to accompany the program, she said “My company grows healthy vegetables and fruits, so I decided to contribute 500 kg of vegetables”.

Not only money and necessities, this campaign of Thriive also received enthusiastic supports from many Thriive business owners such as warehouse, transportation, gift packaging, calling for help from other business communities and so on.


Offering gifts at Thanh Nguyen Hair Salon


Offering gifts at Trai Tim Hong business


Offering gifts at PYS social enterprise

Although the campaign took place in a short time, from May 5th to May 16th 2020, gifts were promptly given to 99 disabled laborers at 11 Thriive enterprises, 40 patients at the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, 33 disadvantaged individuals at the Vocational Training Center for Employment of Disabled Children in Vietnam and Labor Union of the UEB with the purpose of supporting disadvantaged students and many other businesses.

Ms. Binh, a handicapped worker at Trai Tim Hong shared: “My family has 4 people. My husband is also a disabled person. We make ends meet by selling toothpicks. I have worked at Trai Tim Hong enterprise for more than 3 years with a monthly salary of about 3 million. However, during the Covid-19 period, I have to quit my job. My income is reduced because of company closing. For me and many other disabled people, Thriive's gifts including 500,000 VND each person, vegetables and rice used in half of month are not only a financial support but also a great encouragement”.

Hopefully in the upcoming future, Thriive Hanoi, Center for Economic Development Studies, UEB and Thriive businesses will continue organizing more meaningful and practical charity campaign like this.


Having been operated since 2005, Hanoi Thriive has provided loans for 163 enterprises with a total of 1,593,486 USD (over 38 billion VND).

On December 31st, 2019, Hanoi Thriive helped create jobs for 2,022 people (1,398 full-time and 624 part-time workers). 136,295 poor people in 26 provinces benefited from loan repayment activities of enterprises under the Thriive Program through 2 forms: 1) Offering businesses' products or services such as seedlings, pants warm clothes, tables and chairs ...; 2) Vocational training courses such as sewing, graphics, craft paper, cooking, etc.


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