Disabled workers from 12 social businesses affected by Covid-19 received support

Social enterprises restore production after the Covid-19 epidemic
As part of the support plan of Thriive USA and VNU University of Economics and Business, 12 enterprises with the majority of disabled workers received support from the program "Sharing love during the Covid-19 season".

The delegation comprised PhD. Pham Vu Thang - Director of Center for Economic Development Studies, Director of Hanoi Thriive Program, VNU University of Economics and Business with owners of Thriive social enterprises. Supporting products are daily necessities such as rice, eggs, vegetables, masks, VND 500,000 for each disabled worker etc. that were donated by Thriive businesses.

The enterprises receiving the support are Trai Tim Hong Enterprise with 38 disabled workers, Oneday enterprise with 5 disabled workers, Kite enterprise with 4 workers with intellectual disabilities ... Most of the enterprises suffered difficulties after the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, the businesses with a large number of disabled workers, such as NTK electric cars, Ngan Hang Garment, they still face a serious shortage of food and staple goods.



Disable workers feel touched receiving support from Thriive

Mr. Ngan, the owner of the garment business Huy Hang, Thanh Tri, said: “There are many people with disabilities who stay at grassroots units during Covid-19 period because they couldn’t afford to return to their hometown, so their lives are quite difficult. I have partly supported them but not enough because the number of workers with disabilities is large. Now with "aid" from Thriive, we are very excited and full of energy to restore production in the future".

PhD. Pham Vu Thang said: “The Covid-19 epidemic was under control so businesses would focus on restoring production. For Thriive businesses, we will try to speed up the process of providing the equipment and machinery to the business. In addition, we also help the businesses to find more clients to overcome difficulties together. Previously, the program presented gifts to 40 patients at the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Thanh Nguyen Hair Salon - enterprises with disabled employees."

 Gift giving at Trai Tim Hong Business

The owner of the vegetable business Vinh Ha, Ms. Mai shared: “we faced great challenges before, without support from Thriive, we wouldn’t have been able to develop. Now seeing other social enterprises having difficulties because of Covid-19, we feel just like seeing ourselves in the past, so we want to help them with our own products.”




At the end of the program, 12 enterprises with disabled workers received support from the program. During these challenging time, this material aid is a vital support for those in need, it also a proof showing that charitable organizations and schools stand shoulder to shoulder to assist the disadvantaged in society.
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