Hoa Binh NKT Electric Vehicle - Inspiration from entrepreneurial will

Mr. Le Huy Tich, owner of NKT electric vehicle (wearing helmet) and his employee in the 3rd selection round with Thriive Hanoi Coordinators
In 2019, the Hanoi Thriive project managed by the Center for Economic Development Studies, VNU-UEB, aimed at supporting small businesses run by the disabled or most of their employees are disabled. Among more than 20 applications submitted to the program, Hoa Binh NKT Electric Vehicle is one of four businesses chosen to receive the funding from Thriive Hanoi. The decision was made not only of its developing potential and its ability to create positive social impacts, but also the special story of Mr. Le Huy Tich – the business owner.

Mr. Tich was a normal healthy man until 2006, when a serious traffic accident caused him to lose the ability to move on his feet. Determined to overcome difficulties and complex, along with his major in mechanics, he designed his own electric tractor integrated with his wheelchair. Realizing that this vehicle really works for himself and can be useful to other disabled people, he started to think of opening a factory to manufacture this product.

Starting the business with almost no cash, he applied for a small business loan of VND 50 million and look for other external loans, and even borrow from usury. With these relentless efforts, by 2019, the company's electric tractor at a competitive price also started to appear in a few provinces across the country.

Mr.Tich (right) and 1 disabled worker at the company's factory.

Despite of being a disabled himself and running a business in Hoa Binh province, Mr.Tich has a strong spirit of learning and actively participates in events in Hanoi, including the Blue Swallow award, SDG Challenge 2019 and was in the top three. SDG Challenge 2019 was also the opportunity for Mr. Tich to be introduced the Thriive Hanoi Program 2019 by some program advisers.

With the support of the Thriive program coordinating board, the business has overcome all difficulties in the process of submitting project documents, , lack of experience in document preparation as well as limited ability to negotiate with suppliers to complete disbursement procedures and use new machines by early February 2020.

During the machine monitoring session, Mr.Tich shared enthusiastically with the coordinators: “Thriive's machines have really helped the business a lot. Our productivity is increased by 3 to 4 times compared to before. "

 NKT company is using new machines funded by Hanoi Thriive 

Operating since 2005, the Hanoi Thriive program has helped 161 businesses borrow money from the program with a total loan of 1,597,145 USD (over 38 billion VND).

The Hanoi Thriive Program helps create more jobs for 1,717 new workers (1,115 full-time and 602 part-time workers). 127,708 poor people have benefited from payback activities of the enterprises under the Thriive Program in 26 provinces and cities in 2 forms:

1) Offering products / services of the enterprises (such as seedlings, clothes warm, tables and chairs,etc.)

2) Vocational training courses (such as sewing, graphics, craft paper, cooking, etc.).

More than 65.1% of the Thriive enterprises have continued charity activities and help the community after fulfilling their payment obligations.

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