Receiving machines from Thriive, businesses "growing wings"

Mr. Le Huy Tich, NKT electric vehicle's business owner with milling and lathe machine supported by Thriive
Since 2019, the Center for Development Economics Studies (CEDS), the UEB has implemented various activities within the framework of Thriive Program. This year, the center will continue with a new mission to support businesses with disabled people.

After selection rounds, CEDS has chosen 4 businesses to get support from the Program, including: One day Software, T&T, The Kite (social enterprise of special classes) and The PWDs electric vehicles. By February 6th, 2020, all four enterprises have been equipped with machines and equipment for business production and development, which meet the needs of each business such as laptops, servers printers, plastic presses, welding machines, lathes etc.

Mr. Nguyen Van Giap, Director of One day Software, shared with the representatives of Thriive Program “After a week of using new machines supported by the Thriive Project, the processing time is greatly reduced, the equipment also help to improve productivity and the employees also work in a happier and more comfortable mood."

Ms Thy, T&T business owner (right) and employees are using laptops from the Thriive Program
Mr. Nguyen Van Giap and Mr. Nguyen Van Canh, business owners of One day Software received the new server and laptop from Thriive

Seeing significant changes brought by Thriive to social enterprises in Vietnam has raised hope for the CEDS in helping boost productivity growth and the development of businesses in coming time.

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