Student exchange with Okayama University, Japan

On February 21, 2020, the delegation from Okayama University visited and had a cultural and academic exchange with UEB’s students.

Opening the meeting, representatives of UEB - Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Anh Thu - Vice Rector, expressed her joy when welcoming Okayama University students. This was an opportunity for the students from the two countries to make friends, exchange and understand more about the culture of each other. At the same time, Assoc.Prof. Hisao Tomae - Lecturer of Faculty of Economics, Okayama University sent his sincere thanks to UEB for warmly welcoming the delegation.

 Vice Rector, Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Anh Thu delivered speech at the exchange meeting.
  Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Anh Thu gave gifts to Okayama University's representatives

Attending the exchange, the students of Okayama University presented 2 presentations: "Life of Japanese students at the university” and "Some new products for Vietnamese market". They were presented in a vivid and detailed way, reflecting real life in Japan as well as innovative product ideas for the Vietnamese market such as antibacterial masks, coffee maker with grinder, office pillows with integrated cooling fans, etc.

Okayama's students presented their research. 

Meanwhile, UEB’s students presented the research on “Typical internationalization strategies of MNCs in developing countries: An analysis of Vietnam corporations”. The presentation examined in detail the internationalization strategies of typical multinational corporations in Vietnam, including Vinfast, TH True Milk, Viettel and FPT. Analyzes of UEB’s students shown weaknesses, strengths as well as challenges and opportunities for Vietnamese businesses as they expand their businesses abroad.

VNU - UEB's students presented their research.

Through this academic exchange, students from both universities exchanged new perspectives and approaches on economic problems. Lecturers and students also shared comments and suggestions for presentations.

Right after the academic exchange, students from two universities sang lots of vibrant and joyful songs about two countries and strengthened their friendship through many teamwork games.


On February 22nd, 2020, the students had a city tour to some of tourist attractions in Hanoi and enjoy delicious specialties around the old quarter.

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